(Milan 1877 - 1949)


  • Author: Pompilio Seveso (Milan 1877 - 1949) 

  • Technique: Oil on canvas 76 x 52,5 cm 

Arrived at the Brera Academy at sixteen, he followed its courses between 1893 and 1895 before embarking on an independent approach to painting oriented by the observation of the works of Leonardo Bazzaro, Filippo Carcano, Emilio Longoni and the assiduous attendance of the free school of the nude at the same Academy (1904-1909; 1915-1916).

Protagonist of a rather secluded career compared to the traditional exhibition circuits of the time, he continuously cultivated the representation of lake and mountain landscapes, of figures and genre scenes related to peasant life, drawing inspiration on several occasions from the frequent periods of stay spent in Feriolo , on Lake Maggiore, and from the views observed in Valmalenco and Valtellina.


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