19th century

  • Period: France - 1810 (ca.) - First Empire

  • Measures: hh52 x 37 x 13 cm

The watch in question is a splendid example of an empire-style artifact, a taste that spread during the 19th century, which constitutes the last moment of important artisan production of watches, given that with the following century we witness a generalized industrialization of the product. The empire watches therefore reflect the taste of the refined European aristocracy and bourgeoisie, which required sophisticated and advanced objects from the point of view of mechanism and technology, but aesthetically harmonious, with motifs inspired by mythology or by past eras. In fact, the structure, which can be considered a real sculpture, is dominated by a winged mythological figure fills a votive lamp placed on a column.

The clock face is surrounded by a delicate garland of roses.

The movement of the clock, made in France around 1810, is two time trains with toothed barrels. The escapement is of the "recoil anchor" type, regulated by a pendulum with wire suspension.

France - 1810 (ca.) - First Empire.

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