(Nonantola 1897 - Milan 1980)

  • Author: Mauro Reggiani (Nonantola 1897 - Milan 1980)

  • Technique: pastel on cardboard 57 x 40 cm

    Provenance: Galleria Lorenzelli in Milan, stamp on the back

Mauro Reggiani (Nonantola, 1897 - Milan, 1980) was an Italian painter who, starting from the figurative field, approaches, then embraces it completely, to abstract art. After fighting in the First World War, he moved to Milan where he began to frequent the Novecento group, becoming friends with Marussig and Funi. From 1925 an increasing attention to the volume and composition of forms emerged in his paintings, maturing his interest in Cézanne who he studied closely during his travels to Paris in 1926 and 1930. From here Reggiani evolved towards abstract painting with some attention to French surrealism and post-cubism. He is in fact among the signatories of the first manifesto of abstractionism. Since 35 his language is based on rigorous compositions in which the shapes play on orthogonal and diagonal lines with the use of primary colors that from the XNUMXs become more and more lively within rigidly cut surfaces, carrying on until the last years of work a research on combinations of lines made of different colors and thicknesses.

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