Gennaro Villani
(Naples 1885 - 1948)

  • Author: Gennaro Villani (Naples, 1885 - 1948)  

  • Technique: Oil on cardboard 36,5 x 16 cm

Gennaro Villani (Naples, 1885 - Naples, December 25, 1948). Villani began his artistic career still at a young age, soon obtaining the favor of the art critic of the time. His authority reached its peak when he was invited to the most important art events of the time, in Italy and abroad. Among others, we remember the fairs of Versailles, Monaco, Santiago de Chile, San Francisco, Brussels, Milan and Naples. Favorite pupil of Maestro Michele Cammarano, as well as of Gaetano Esposito and Vincenzo Volpe, he lived and worked successfully between Italy and France. He stayed and worked in Paris from 1912 to 1914. During the Parisian period he was invited to be part of important French academies, which included among their members artists and intellectuals of the caliber of Gabriele d'Annunzio, Anatole France, Charles Perrault, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and others. For many years he occupied the teaching chair at the Academies of BB.AA. of Lucca and Naples. He was invited to exhibit at all the Venice Biennials of his time, at the most prestigious “Salons” in Paris and at the Quadrennial in Rome and Turin.

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