(Milan 1844 - 1907)


  • Author: FONTANA ROBERTO (Milan 1844 - 1907) 

  • Technique: Oil on canvas 60 x 46 cm

Pupil of G. Bertini in Milan, he obtained numerous school prizes at the Brera Academy between 1861 and 1865; from this date he exhibited paintings of historical and literary subjects (1866, Gertrude confusa sees the letter in the hands of her father; 1867, Paganini in the prisons of Genoa) and Russian bride, presented at the 1871 annual Braidense, was praised by C. Boito. Versatile personality, he painted portraits, figure and genre paintings. He won the Prince Umberto prize in 1876, with Aesop he tells his fairy tales to the handmaids of Xanto (revived in 1878 in Paris, Milan, Galleria d'Arte Moderna); he was among the early members of the Artistic Family. In 1881 he participated in the Brera Exhibition and at the same time he oversaw the preparation of the Artistic Indisposition, the humorous review organized by the Scapigliati. Assiduous to exhibitions until 1907, he also had occasional experiences in landscape painting.


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