(Naples, 1684 - Perugia, 1752)

  • Author: ALESSIO DE MARCHIS (attributed) (Naples, 1684 - Perugia, 1752)

  • Technique: Oil on canvas, 19 x 12 cm

The painting presents the stylistic code of Alessio De Marchis, made of vibrant, pasty and rapid brushstrokes and the figurines, resolved in spots. The Roman formation of the author and the Rosian suggestions are also evident. In the work in the catalog, the quality is even more evident thanks to the beautiful conservation, which allows us to grasp the perspective depth of the landscapes and the brightness built with skilful glazing and chromatic transitions.

The canvas illustrated here is therefore datable to early maturity, when the influences of Roman landscape painting, expressed through quick and scrub brushstrokes, are diluted through an eighteenth-century language that De Marchis expresses with unique personality and pre-romantic hints, sensitivity of Venetian taste and reminiscences Neapolitan. It is important to note the quality of the drafting, fast and dense, yet capable of expressing the artist's high gestural quality, which seems to resurrect the spirit of Salvator Rosa in an eighteenth-century key.

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