(Milan 1859 - 1924)


  • Author: Paolo Sala (Milan 1859 - 1924)

  • Technique: Oil on canvas, 163 x 125 cm

Initiated to study architecture, from 1878 he devoted himself exclusively to painting and in 1880 he obtained the Mylius prize for the sunset of 4 June 1859 (After the battle of Magenta). He acquired a certain notoriety thanks to the landscapes, many of them in watercolor, which he exhibited in large numbers at the Milanese exhibitions (1881, Return to the mountains, Arrival of the steam, Under the portico; 1883, After the galleries, Summer memories). To Lombard motifs he soon added those he drew from his stays in Venice, England, Holland and America. He was also engaged in mural decoration works in St. Petersburg, where he was among the organizers of the 1902 International Exhibition. From 1907 he joined the Roman Association of Watercolor Painters and was later one of the founders of the Lombard one. His brother Eugenio (1866-1908) followed in his footsteps, but exhibited only occasionally at exhibitions in Milan, between 1881 and 1906 (1881, Return from the fields; 1897, Bellaggio, La Neva-Petersburg).


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