(Naples 1864 - 1935)

  • Author: Oscar Ricciardi (Naples 1864-1935) 

  • Technique: Oil on board 45 x 31 cm

Landscape painter and genre painter, he portrayed the life and places of his country, in oil and in watercolor. In his works, often destined for the foreign market, he made use of a synthetic approach, attentive to the lights and suggestive aspects of the landscape. He was present to the promoters Salvator Rosa from 1879 to 1904 (1879, Barche a Mergellina; 1880, Ricordo di Soccavo; 1881, Fanfulla who is about to start from San Marco; 1882, Beati pauperes spiritu; 1886, Ricordi di Roma; 1897, Remembrances of Capri; 1904, Vecchia Napoli), and at the exhibitions of Palermo (1891-1892), Milan (1894) and Turin (1896,1902,1908).

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