(Bologna 1668 - Pistoia 1711)

  • Author: DOMENICO MARIA VIANI (Bologna 1668 - Pistoia 1711)

  • Technique: oil on canvas 170 x 196 cm

With expertise of Dr. Donatella Biagi Maino

Domenico Maria was a son of art, his father Giovanni Maria practiced as a painter and had been a pupil of Flaminio Torri.

He learned at his father's workshop and at Carlo Cignani's.

He did not perform many works also because he declared that well executed paintings took time, therefore his slowness in their execution remains famous.

He attended theAcademy of the nude of Bologna and studied the Caravaggesque works that had always attracted him. In 1691 he went to Venice where he was able to study the Venetian Renaissance of Titian and Veronese.

Unfortunately, the artist died prematurely during a stay in Pistoia where he may have stopped to be treated at the age of forty three.

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