Gabriele Brunati
(Albese 1852 - 1925)

  • Author: Gabriele Brunati (Albese 1852 1925)

  • Technique: Oil on canvas, 134 x 90 cm

    signed and dated G.Brunati 1888, publ. "Gabriele Brunati between scapigliatura and romanticism" publ. on p. 54 - Giorgio Taroni publisher

Trained at the Brera Academy with G. Bertini and R. Casnedi, he painted portraits (Antonio Quaglino, 1894, Galleria dei Benefattori of the Ospedale Maggiore in Milan) and landscapes. Although living in seclusion in Albese, in the 80s and 90s he regularly appeared at the Braidense exhibitions (Una veduta di Albese, La canovaia, 1881; Tramonto and A Casazza, 1886) and at the Permanente exhibitions (Falciatrice, Testa di donna, 1897). ).

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