(Florence 1832 - 1890)

  • Author: Egisto Gaiani (Florence 1832 - 1890)  

  • Technique: Carved wood signed and dated on the back 1872, height 87 cm

Egisto Gaiani, a famous sculptor ornaista and wood carver, was born on August 16, 1832.

After a few years of work, first as an apprentice, then as a carver in the renowned workshops and workshops of Barbetti and Francesco Morini, he opened his own atelier, quickly becoming an appreciated sculptor and carver, praised in Italy and throughout Europe with particular relevance in Austria Switzerland Germany France and England.

Just France and Austria see him as a leading figure in various artistic events of the time. In fact, at the grandiose exhibition in Vienna in 1873, his works received an honorable mention.

It should also be remembered that Gaiani, having obtained the qualification of professor of plastic art, is still counted among the great teachers of the artistic academies of Florence and Genoa.

The work under examination, signed and dated on the back by Gaiani himself, executed as can be seen from the same in 1872, turns out to be a fundamental historical document of the artist's life, who, with skill and strong mastery of adulthood and experience gives wood great skill.

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