(Milan 1883 - 1943)

  • Author: Carlo and Luigi Rigola (Milan 1883 - 1943)  

  • Technique: Bronze sculpture, lost wax casting, 1920 cah 28 cm

After their disappearance in the forties of the 20th century, the work of the sculptors Carlo and Luigi Rigola has known a long oblivion that with the passage of time has become more and more dense; up to the recent documentary research, the work of the two brothers had no critical success and the information on their artistic activity was somewhat confused and fragmentary. Only a small number of citations, mostly in specialized publications, and some recent articles in the local press are the rare contributions that testify to their activity. Their work, largely linked to academic principles, had suddenly appeared out of date, apparently overtaken by the artistic developments that best seemed to interpret the complexity and contradictions of contemporary society. Yet their school had formed a generation of sculptors, chisellers and carvers who would work in the multifaceted world of art and craftsmanship in Brianza for a good part of the 20th century.
An in-depth and passionate research work, promoted by the Rigola family, attempts to re-establish the actual dimension of the work of the two Canturi sculptors.

Some pieces are taken from the book that accompanied the exhibition created in 2008
Tiziano Casartelli Carlo and Luigi Rigola Canturini sculptors , Municipality of Cantù, Galliano Committee 2007

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