(Rome, 1695 - 1741)

  • Author: Andrea Locatelli (attr. To) Rome 1695 - 1741)

  • Technique: oil on canvas 73,5 x 61,5 cm

    The painting is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Proff. Giancarlo Sestieri of Rome

The painter was born in Rome in 1695, of his training with his father Giovanni Francesco and his uncle Pietro Lucatelli born in Rome in 1634, we have scant news. We also know of a period of apprenticeship with the marine painter Monsù Alto. Later he will be with the landscape painter Fergioni until 1712, probably in the company of Paolo Anesi (Rome, 1697 - 1773). Locatelli after this date was active in full autonomy and accredited to the most famous Roman families, such as the Ruspoli, the Albani, the Ottoboni and the Colonna, who were his main patrons, but without forgetting the Savoy commissions through Filippo Juvarra, who he ordered him to represent the north and west facades of the Castello di Rivoli. The painter fits into the difficult Capitoline artistic environment at best, producing fantasy landscapes with an archaeological character on the example of Giovanni Ghisolfi, van Bloemen, realistic and Arcadian views, up to depicting compositions on the example of Salvator Rosa and popular scenes that influenced Paul Monaldi. The landscape in question, datable to the third decade of the 18th century, on a scenic layout in memory of Dughettina and Rosiana, well expresses the painter's landscape sensitivity, visible in the pictorial ductus and in the rarefied and clear atmosphere, very close in the results to Paolo's tests Anesi and the best eighteenth-century evolution of the examples of Salvator Rosa.

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